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Joram Teusink

Daily using my #unconventional#creative and #sharpwitted
bio-processor to help create a more secure future | Founded MITE3 Cybersecurity


NCOI Bachelor Computer Science
Certified Information Systems Security Professional
International Anti Crime Academy
Social Engineer Certification
Blackhat Conference

I am Director & Co-founder of MITE3 Cybersecurity.

At MITE3 Cybersecurity we create a realistic insight into the digital security of your company. We ensure that you can take your information security to the next level with clear advice that can be understood in plain English.

And we do this with highly experienced, trained and, above all, enthusiastic cybersecurity experts. The world of information security is complex and requires a great deal of specialist knowledge. So let us help you create simplicity and clarity in this world. Let our passion for the field be the safety barrier for your organization.

Then you can finally really enjoy entrepreneurship and your free time.