Saturday, June 13, 2015

Technology will 'disappear' in the future

Whereas I am a very technology minded person, my wife is kind of the opposite. If it were up to her, we would go back to horseback riding and carriages. Obviously light will come from candles (which is way more cozy) and life will be less fast as it is today.

I always say than that technology will become very different then it is now. People won't stare at their phones anymore and no annoying humans that take pictures with a full size tablet computer. Screens will be practically gone and everything will be maximum automated and interacting with computers will be taken to a whole next level.

Technology as we know it, will 'disappear' in the future.

Start of a common day in 2045

You wake up in the morning without pressing your alarm snooze button, because there is no more need for that. While scratching your head you head for the shower. When you walk in the shower it switches on and it is already exactly the temperature you like. When done you do what you normally would do and head towards your kitchen. Your coffee or tea is ready and you make your breakfast. The fridge sends you a notification that you are running out of milk and that it has ordered a new supply from the grocery store.

There is no need to check for the weather or traffic jams. The umbrella handle is not glowing red, meaning it will not rain when you are gone, and traffic jams is something that was normal 20 years ago. You stretch out, finish your breakfast, take your coat and step outside.

When outside you see that your automated car has arrived and step in. It recognizes you, sees your calendar and automatically knows you need to head to your office. You lean back, close your eyes and start working. While you are being driven you receive a phone call. It is your spouse and you decide that you will answer your phone. The second after this thought the call is answered.

You have arrived at your office and you are stepping out of the car. The car is driving itself to either its next customer or charging unit. You walk in and are heading towards your meeting. It is an international company and you are having a conference call (well, that's how people used to call in back in the 10's) with colleagues all over the world.

In the meeting room there are no screens, no microphones and no speakers, well, as we knew them in the past anyways. Everyone is greeting each other and the first callers are starting to join in. They appear in the augmented reality of each other and the meeting starts. Everything that is being sad is transmitted from each individual to every other one, also to the people not physically in the room.

After a long session you do some 'paper' work while relaxing in the sun and head home early.

How realistic is this story?

There are a couple of visionaries that state that this could really be the future. I always say, the coming 5 years will change as much as it did in the past 10 years. That is called the The Law of Exponential Growth / Accelerating Returns (the link is a long read).

In 2014 Google announced that they will launch a smart contact lens that can measure your blood sugar levels and controls your medical devices accordingly. It powers itself from static electricity on your eye. But it gets way more interesting when you look at the news-post in which scientists explain how to implement nano-devices in the brains of mice. When done, they can influence the electrical currents (neurons) that flow inside the brain of the mouse. And this is just 2015. Imagine that every two years these kinds of technology get better exponentially. Every two years the technology is twice as powerful and reduced in size significantly.

The 'disappearance' of technology

If microchips do get twice as powerful each year, if technology can shrink to blood-cell level, and if the world is getting ever more interconnected, yes, then I do believe that such a story as above will become reality. Technology will become so small and so integrated in our lives that you can hardly see it. It will become even more an extension of ourselves, than it is already today.

Communicating through your mind with other people on the Internet. Sensing each others senses and hearing each others voices can be achieved. Perhaps our consciousness someday will merge in some sort of a Khala.

We will see what will happen, it is hard to predict how the world will change when these types of tech will come to market. But the most important question is: are you ready to change if needed?



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