Monday, February 13, 2017

Info-Sec Guideline: Segregation of Duties

Guideline: Segregation of Duties

Part of: Information Security Guidelines
OverviewBuilding a set of Guidelines for Security and Privacy

Wherever possible there must be as much segregation of duties between the positions of employees that have a conflict of interests with each other. Such duties should be divided over different employees.
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This guideline is about preventing mistakes and unauthorized transactions which leads to integrity issues or fraud. A developer who submits code to the repository is not the developer who should be able to accept it. A second developer should accept (or decline) the submission to establish the four-eye principle. Another example is that of a bank-employee requesting a loan for a customer. Another employee should accept (or decline) the request.

The main goal is to make sure that not one single person is able to initiate and end a (business) process. Especially in the cases where there are financial transactions involved or where the integrity of data or systems is important to maintain.

More information from Wikipedia about Separation of duties.



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