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I am a geek that loves everything technological and futuristic with a strong focus on #security and #privacy | #CISSP #RCX

Who am I?

Who I am as a professional is best described as me being a Sensible Security Officer. The questions “Why?” and “Why not?” are probably my most asked questions and with that I like to challenge standing ideas and believes on everything that holds my interests. But why sensible? That is because I like to move further than anything that is considered common. And by doing so I want to add real value to business with sensible controls on security and privacy that actually do work.

And not to be forgotten, I am a geek, technologist and futurist by heart and I like to inspire people with telling my vision of what has yet to come. So, occasionally you just might find a story about that also. And with sharing my insights I aim to inspire and create meaningful value for my readers, colleagues, friends and family with new ideas, concepts and easy how-to guides.

Interested into getting acquainted? Do you have a question or suggestion? Then please do get in touch with me through the variety of Social Media.

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Disclaimer: Content on this blog does not necessarily represent any opinion of my employer(s), customer(s), supplier(s) or someone else at all. They are solely my insights, thoughts and reflections that I am sharing with the world.