Free Security Tools

For a while now I gather a list (likely far from complete) with a select free online tools to use for Security intelligence and testing and Privacy protection. Think about scanners, maps, pen-tests and assessment tools. I hereby want to share that list with you all.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Overview of Tools

Site Description URL
AppMailDev Test DKIM, SPF, DMARC, DomainKey, RBL
ASafaWeb Automated Security Analyser for ASP.NET Websites
BrightCloud URL / IP-address reputation lookup
CheckTLS Email Security TLS checker
Computest Suricat Service Monitor SSL certificates
Digital Attack Map Top daily DDoS attacks worldwide
DigWebInterface DNS digger
DNS leak test Check if information leaks from DNS
DNSDumpster DNS recon & research, find & lookup DNS records
DNSSEC Resolver Test Check if DNSSEC works properly
DNSTrails The World's Largest Repository of historical DNS data
Down Detector Downdetector offers a realtime overview of status information and outages for all kinds of services.
ExpeditedSSL Simple SSL Scanner
ExpeditedSSL POODLE SSL Vulnerability Scanner
FireEye Cyber Threat Map
F-Secure Router Checker
Google Certificate Transparency Report
Have I Been Pwned List with data-leakages
High-Tech Bridge SSL Server Security Test
High-Tech Bridge Content Security Policy and Security Headers Test
High-Tech Bridge Malicious Domain Discovery Service
How Secure Is My Password Password strength analyzer
Information is Beautiful World's Biggest Data Breaches Website and Email scanner
IP-address Guide Ping, Traceroute, DNS Lookup, CIDR, Geolocation, Whois
Kaspersky Cyberthreat Real-Time Map
KeyCDN FREAK attack vulnerability scanner
Kitterman SPF Record Testing Tools
LastPass Password Generator
LeakedSource List with data-leakages
Malware Hunter Team Filebased Ransomware Detection
Malware Tech Botnet Tracker
MX Toolbox MX, DNS, blacklist and DNS diagnostics
Netcraft Internet Security and Data Mining
NIST CVSS v2 Calculator
No More Ransom! Site to help mitigate ransom-ware attacks
Norse Attack Map
Observatory by Mozilla Website scanner
Pingdom Website speed test and DNS Health Check
PrivacyScore Privacy Scoring
Qualys SSL Server Test
Retire Insecurity Today Javascript Library Vulnerability Scanner
SecurityHeaders Scan HTTP-headers/td>
Shodan Internet-of-Things (IoT) Search Engine
SPF Wizard SPF Generator DNS tool
Submarine Cable Map View all hardwired cables around the world
Talos Intelligence Vulnerability and Reputation Analyses
The GDPR Checklist The GDPR Compliance Checklist
The ROBOT Attack Check for RSA decryption vulnerability
TOSDR Terms of Service, Didn't Read
TraceMyIP IP Address lookup, analysis, apps & tools
Unlock The Inbox Domain and Email tools
URL Query Webbased Malware Analyzer
VirusTotal Free Online Virus, Malware and URL scanner
Mr. WHoer Find and check IP, Proxy & VPN
WhoIsHostingThis Analyzer to find out who is hosting a site
WPScan Vulnerability Database Cataloging 6890 WordPress Core, Plugin and Theme vulnerabilities
WPSCANS Wordpress Security Scan


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